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I have to say both my girlfriend and I love the book! Which is a bit odd as we're both in our mid-late twenties ...honestly though it’s awesome. I have bought a copy to give to a friend of mine’s little girl. Much appreciated.

Dave (Newquay, Cornwall)


The story is very good, much better than many other books you find in the shops.  It’s fun, modern and the illustrations are large, bright and humorous.  All in all, I love it and so does my daughter!

Lucy (Sheffield)


I think the book is highly delightful, just hope my grandson is of the same opinion as its part of his Christmas present. I’m trying to get him interested in reading not just computer games!!!

Penny (Totnes, Devon)


It's a really fun book and the kids (and adults) loved it. We're sure we recognise a few of the landmarks...

Looking forward to more adventures in the future …

Tim (and family) (Burchetts Green, Berkshire)


Thanks for the delightful books which arrived yesterday in Honiton.  Bought as much for Granny (saw review in WMN) who grew up in Cornwall and her son (frustrated surfer living in London) and his twin sons (in piggy suits for school nativity!), 3 in March. The little ones will probably get the book nearer holiday time in July when they will all be at Daymer Bay for two weeks - anything to start them early!

Love the drawings (evocative landscape) and of course the text.

It will probably be the towels next – brilliant idea! Keep them flowing!

Valentine (Honiton, Devon)


Thanks for the book which I ordered for my daughter for Christmas as one of her stocking fillers. I couldn't resist a quick read and absolutely loved the story! The illustrations were brilliant too!

Hope you're planning on writing another one - you've got to. Pigs might Surf is now one classic surf book!!! Bailie has to go on a road trip!

Thanks ever so much for a fun read!

Simon (Nottingham)




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