Pigs Might Surf - a childrens book about adventure and chasing your dreams.


Bailie the piglet lived by the sea

in a pig hut made of wood.

He dreamed of the waves and the surfer he’d be,

Not the mud (like a good pig should)!


We all have dreams, and Bailie the pig is no different.  With a grandstand view of the surf from his humble pig hut on a Cornish farm, Bailie dreams of jumping in the sea and surfing the beautiful blue waves that come crashing to the shore.


But first he must escape without farmer Jethro knowing.  

And what will he surf on?  Will it be too difficult or should he just be a

good pig and squelch around in the mud all day?  


Follow Bailie and friends as he embarks on his glorious journey of

chasing his dreams and becoming the first pig on a board!