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Here you'll find some fun activities to keep the kids entertained!


1. Make your own surfing scene with Bailie the surfing pig!


You will need:


- Scissors (adult supervision required!)

- Computer and printer

- Your surfing Bailie bookmark (free with each book*).

* 2nd edition only.




1. Download and print the surfing scene from www.pigsmightsurf.com

2. With adult supervision carefully cut along the dotted lines with your


3. Take your bookmark and slide it through the slit that you have made

in the paper.

4. Surf Bailie along the wave, waving as he goes!!


* To make the scene a little stronger you can affix it to some strong

card after step 1.





2. Colour in your own surf scene...



Download the black and white surfing scene, print it out and get colouring!



PLUS lots more fun activities coming soon!

surfingscene-things-u-need surfingscene-things-finished Download surfing scene >> Download B&W surf scene >>