Pigs Might Surf was originally written in 2005 by Olly Daglish (Olly Miles).  It was through his experience as a qualified surf instructor and his passion for working with children (he later became a newly qualified teacher), that the story of a pig learning to surf was born.


However, the story remained at the bottom of the draw for several years as life took over.  Olly set up his own business, Ollypop surf, which saw the launch of his innovative Ollypop surf towel (the world’s first surf towel/ training aid!) and children and marriage to Tiny (aka Anna) followed.  Reading copious bedtime stories to their now 5 year old Georgi, Olly and Tiny found the inspiration to breathe fresh life into their story.  With a little help from Tiny’s poetry skills, a new version was born and Pigs Might Surf became a short story in verse.


The hunt was then on for an illustrator to put the story into pictures.  A number of potential candidates were lined up around the country, but it wasn’t until a chance meeting with local artist Rory Donald that the perfect match was found.  Rory represents a lot of people living and working in Cornwall as a truly untapped but fantastic talent.  His initial rough sketches were spot on, and the decision was made  to make Pigs Might Surf a reality.

Please check out his website for more www.reachillustration.com 

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